Clarisonic vs Foreo: An Unsponsored Review (Do you need one, both, or neither?)


Sadly, the $118 sale set is sold out. When I find a similar deal, I'll add it here!

As for charge, I didn't need to charge either device during this trial, which I take to mean each has a good battery life.

The Foreo Luna Mini comes in one version (for all skin types). The next level, the Foreo Luna, comes in multiple varieties. I'm not convinced that there's a significant difference, but I also have not tried this device. I kind of appreciate the fact that Clarisonic has one price and you can choose which brush you want - that's a benefit to the Clarisonic, in my view.

Also clarification: I believe differentiating between how much you love a product vs how much you would love it if you were on a tighter budget is something we should all consider. Some videos have so much hype that you would think a cleanser is better than...eating dinner (it's not and it never should be!) This was surprisingly difficult to convey, so hopefully I *do* make sense!

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