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Before the construction of the drill press, I've decided to make an electromagnetic vise to check if it would work.

Guys from Make it Extreme have inspired me to make this , here is their channel. You should definitely check their constructions.


Despite the lack of a milling machine, It has turned out that the file could also deal with it. It has been very time-consuming, but fortunately successive.

Electromagnets are connected in series, so they do not heat up. They are powered by a 12V 4A power supply. This is enough, although a 10A power supply would be better.

The stand base is made very solid from a 10mm thick sheet and a 6mm thick angle. Thanks to the adjustable column, I haven' had to worry about perfect angles during welding. Everything can be easily set up thanks to four screws and nuts.

The sliding mechanism moves very smoothly and stably. Thanks to the bearings, some of the resistance has eliminated which gives better working comfort.

I've used Metabo Sb Edv1000-2-S metabo drill with 1010 watts power, which is 3 times more than my bench drill.

I've also planned to do lighting, unfortunately I've been tired and I couldn't do it:)

This project has turned out to be a very successful construction. The whole weighs over 20 kg, it is very stable, strong and effective.

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Some tools I used:

Step drills - https://www.gearbest.com/hand-tools/pp_181956.html?lkid=13544853
Tap and die set - https://www.gearbest.com/other-tools/pp_228758.html?lkid=13545267
Bit Screw - https://www.gearbest.com/hand-tools/pp_426040.html?lkid=13545283

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