DIY Paint & Epoxy Resin | Marble Table or Counters

#epoxy #countertops #resin
Hey Savage Squad!!!
This is by far....THE BEST makeover I have done yet. As far as painting tables and countertops go, this is the one to watch. I wish I had tried this sooner and I am hoping to help those of you looking for an easy, affordable solution to ugly countertops or surfaces. I am literally going to redo my counters to look like this table. That was my very FIRST attempt using that technique, and I think its safe to say its pretty fail proof. Im in shock at the outcome, and how little effort it actually took. I cant wait to start getting all of your photos from you trying this at home as well. This is a DIY MUST for the squad. I promise you will LOOOOVE it!
Love, Cora

#diy #epoxy #makeover


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