Miniature Polymer Clay Christmas Gingerbread House Scene TUTORIAL

Hi everyone! Today I'll be showing you how I made a miniature Christmas Gingerbread House Scene from polymer clay!

Frosting (snow) tutorial:

Gingerbread House Measurements:

Front and Back : 2cmx1.3cmx1.5cm
Sides: 1.5cmx1.3cm
Roof: 3.5cmx1.7cm


- Polymer clay in: ecru + raw sienna (for the gingerbread), white, red, green:
- FIMO Liquid:
- Mica powders in gold, blue, green:
- Micro beads:
- Wooden board:
- Acrylic paints:
- Fimo Gloss:
- Sprinkles and toppings of any kind you like!
- Bake at no more than 130ºC for no longer than 30' at a time.
- I bake everything for 10 minutes in between adding a few things to harden them so I can carry on adding without ruining what I've already done. But of course you can choose when to bake things depending on how good you are at not destroying your progress!

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