Make Your Own LOL Surprise Bottle Fun & Easy DIY Craft Great For Parties Lots Of Fun!!

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After searching for LOL Surprise craft ideas for kids and finding none we made our own! In this video we share with you how to make a decorative LOL bottle of your own! Ours were inspired by Stardust Queen & Sugar Queen. These would be awesome activities for an LOL Surprise themed birthday party or just a fun craft to do at home. We are using our finished bottles to store some of our LOL Lil Sisters dolls and all of our LOL accessories. What will you use yours for?!

Products used to make the LOL Bottle:

Set of 2 Mason Jar Tumbler Mugs

12 Piece Acrylic Reusable Drinking Straws

The rest of the items were purchased from Michaels craft store.

Martha Stewart Fine Glitter Set
American Acrylic Paints were used for both bottles
The Stardust Queen inspired bottle used the ultramarine blue for the base and brushed silver for the lid.
The Sugar Queen inspired bottle used the bubblegum pink color for the jar and royal fuchsia for the lid.

I also picked up a White Taklon 7 piece paint brush set from Michaels.