Making a Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Rally Fairing DAY 1

In this video I show you how we make a Motorcycle rally Faring from scratch. Bert Boute, From Story Of B, is helping me out with the build of his motorcycle fairing.

Link to day 1 (This video)
Link to day 2
Link to day 3

This is the first part of these series where we talk about how the plug is being made and how we finish it with some pattern coat from Easy Composites. We go through the steps of adjusting the fairing, then adding Pu foam blocks, shaping it with a coarse file, then finishing the top of the surface with some polyester resin and fiberglass. To finish the filler and bondo to a nice surface we spray on some pattern coat from easy composites to achieve a nice finish. This is the progress after the first day!

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