Glue Test Destruction How Different Glues Perform

Ever wonder why you should choose some glues over others? Think glue sizing is important? Well in this test of 8 different glues and methods you can learn what to do and when to use what glue.

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Here are the results:

Plywood - Broke @ less than

Titebond II - 298 lbs
Titebond III - 333 lbs
Epoxy - 333 lbs
Hot Glue - 266 lbs
Liquid Nails - 266 lbs
Hide Glue - 333 lbs
Gorilla Glue - 266 lbs

Miter Joints - Broke @ less than

Titebond II - 253 lbs
Titebond II Sized Joint -145 lbs
Titebond III - 145 lbs
Epoxy - did not break with 409 lbs of force
Hot Glue - 253 lbs
Liquid Nails - 108 lbs
Hide Glue - 72 lbs
Gorilla Glue - 217 lbs

To find the magnified force of the applied load use the following formula:
(mass * distance of the load placement)/fulcrum

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