6 DIY Dining Chairs For Less Than $100 (Simple!)

Build all 6 of these beautiful rustic dining room chairs for less than $100! This video goes through a detailed “how to” tutorial of how to make 6 dining room chairs quickly and affordably. If you decide that you only need 4, simply make 2/3 the cuts that I mention in the video and you’ll be able to easily do so. If you build 4 chairs, you could potentially spend around $50 if you shop around for the lumber and have some of the hardware already lying around. I have a detailed material listing in the first minute or so of the video. Anyone who watches this should very easily be able to build these. Chairs are a little more labor intensive than a table, but building them yourself can save you a lot of money. Check out my video, and you’ll see that you can build them too!