How to Golf 4 EGR Valve Replacement/Cleaning

In this video I will be cleaning and replacing the EGR valve on a Golf 4.

I had a check engine light. I took out the scan tool and turns out the EGR was the problem. I took it off and cleaned it with brake cleaner.

I reinstalled it, cleared the code and after a few miles I got the same fault code. So then I bought another EGR valve from the salvage yard, cleaned it and put it on, after a while, still the same fault code.

I took apart my own "old" valve, because I wanted to know how it works. I found out the valve was still stuck and I already found out that brake cleaner doesn't dissolve carbon build up that good.

So then I bought some EGR Cleaner and cleaned the EGR from the salvage yard with the cleaner and pushed the valve open and let the cleaner soak for a while. I repeated this a couple of times.

So one more time I put it back on the engine and cleared the code. Now after a few 100 miles no check engine light. So maybe if I had used the correct solvent in the first place, I could have saved some money and I could have used my original EGR valve. Too bad.

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