Professional Advice for Maintaining an Electric Bike

Sam Townsend from Myron’s Extreme Machines in Fullerton California shared tips for how to maintain an electric bike. Some of the tips included regular maintenance, keeping the battery charged, keep your tires pumped up, bring a schrader adapter along in case you need to inflate your tire at a gas station, keep the chain lubricated, take brake pads off and use disc brake silencer to reduce squeek, adjust the derailleur using the thumb tighteners to keep shifting smooth and pedaling quiet, straighten the derailleur hanger (can sometimes be done by hand), make sure your bottom bracket and crankset are tight, if a square tapered bottom bracket comes loose it can ruin it (regular bike shops should be able to help replace this), keep cables lubricated to avoid fraying, extend the brake housing using the thumb screws near the brake levers to enhance braking as the cables stretch, keep the bicycle clean, patch flat tires vs. changing tubes if possible (this works for punctures not blowouts), adjust the brake caliper (so it floats) then pull the brake cable and it will center when you tighten them down again, keep the headset tight so your bars don’t twist, carry a patch kit, allen wrench set (sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6) sometimes an 8 and 10 will be necessary, tire irons, mini pump or CO2 air, carry around a cell phone for emergencies. If you have questions beyond this, call your local bike shop or ask Myron.