YouTuber On a Budget| DIY Backdrop Stand| Steph Xo

Watch along as I show you how I created my own inexpensive backdrop stand! More details and measurements below.

My backdrop was modified from the link above to be taller (6'4). You can modify your own to make it taller, shorter, or wider!

Items needed:
3 10 ft PVC Pipes
Hacksaw or pipe cutters
(8) T-Shaped SLIP IN connectors
(2) 90 degree elbow SLIP IN connectors
(8) SLIP IN end caps
Measuring tape
Make sure when purchasing end caps and connectors, that they are SLIP IN meaning the inside is smooth

These are the measurements that I used but you can modify them if you choose
(2) 5 ft pipes
(2) 3ft 4in pipes
(2) 3ft pipes
(4) 14 in pipes
(8) 4 in pipes
Really hope I helped someone by making this video! Thank you all for watching!
If you read the description comment and let me know if you're going to make you own stand!