Iphone 6 plus not charging || fix iphone 6 plus charging port properly [urdu/hindi]

My Iphone charger is okay but still my Iphone 6 plus not charging or How to fix iPhone 6 plus charging port which is not charging properly that is because of the debris in our pocket or due to the pocket lint and sometimes iphone 6 plus charging port stops working due to fluff compacted in the charging port of your iphone 6 plus or charging socket of your iphone.6 plus Which creates carbon inside iphone 6 plus charging port that is a big reason by which your iphone stops charging due to this carbon inside the charging port of your iphone 6 plus. This carbon issues arise in iphone 6 plus charging port, iphone 7 plus and iphone 8 charging port as well so you need to clean your iphone charging port properly by watching this video tutorial in Urdu and Hindi.This video tutorial will help you to how to fix iphone 6 plus charging port,iphone 7 plus charging port, iphone 8 plus charging and iphone X charging port.By watching this video you will learn how easily you can fix iphone 6 plus chaging port properly with easy steps and cool magic tricks in this video you also learn how to fix iphone 6 plus ringer button or iphone 6 plus slient button as well.

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