15 DIY Phone Cases (Summer inspired) | Easy & Cute Phone Projects

My top 15 summer phone cases compilation with super cool and fun designs including a liquid Starbucks, watermelon slime popsocket, squishy ice-cream cone, wild daisy, rainbow tie-dye, unicorn, marble, liquid mermaid, fluffy flamingo, pineapple, glitter unicorn, Converse shoe, pom-poms, and hot glue geometric phone case. Hope you enjoy! 😊🌈

🌵Materials 🌵
🌈Wild Daisy: hot glue, seed beads, white nail polish.
🌈Liquid Starbucks Phone Case: Tic-tac container, water, acrylic paint, baby oil, and air-dry clay.
🌈Rainbow Tie-dye: puffy paint.
🌈Unicorn puking rainbow: nail polish, pom poms, sponge, acrylic paint.
🌈Kawaii Ice-cream Squishy Phone Case: slime, balloon, permanent marker (sharpie), craft foam, and crazy glue.
🌈Marble Phone Case: gel pen, metallic sharpie (permanent marker), clear varnish.
🌈Liquid Glitter Mermaid: glitter, vinyl, craft foam, water.
🌈Watermelon Slime Popsocket: clear PVA glue (Elmer's glue), contact lens solution, acrylic paint, and E6000 glue.
🌈Fluffy Flamingo Phone Case: yarn, felt, flamingo template.
🌈Pineapple: acrylic paint.
🌈Glitter Unicorn Phone Case: glitter, acrylic paint.
🌈Converse Shoe Phone Case: craft foam, shoe lace, jump rings, permanent marker.
🌈Geometric Phone Case: hot glue gun, nail polish.
🌈Pom-pom Phone Case: pom poms, E6000 glue.

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