Angry Birds Jump Into Cardboard | DIY Project

One day, Sue discovered that all her Lego figures are in pieces! It looked like a storm had passed over and that storm had a name, slime Sam. He's in a destruction mode today. So he needs a toy that will withstand his destructive power.

That's why Sam and Sue make the Angry Birds game. You're supposed to destroy things there! It's very easy to make, no batteries or wires are needed. Make a large game board out of thick cardboard, then make the cardboard game pieces to knock down and a tool to knock them down with. Don't forget about the funny pig characters to aim at. Then all you need to do is to load the slingshot with a cardboard pellet and off you go!

Look how much fun Sam and Sue are having 5:52

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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