How To Transform Epoxy into Blue Granite

How To Transform Epoxy into Blue Granite, is a step by step free video training that covers advanced epoxy color technique, tips, and tricks. Learn how to time your project and get veins, fractures, blue iridescence, realistic marbleizing, and more. Take your epoxy business to the next level and learn how to finish like a pro!

Color Recipe:
Behr paint and primer in one: Broadway (Black)
Fog Navy blue, Ocean Mist, Cobalt blue, Sea Side, Sage green, and Gold Rustoleum spray paints over your project.
Mix SCC Epoxy and split into several smaller clear cups.
Tint 1 of these cups with Cobalt Blue spray paint, Pour and spread randomly over the project using your gloved hands.
Repeat his with Navy Blue, and Gold spray paints, Pour and spread randomly.
Fog Sage green and Gold spray paints over the surface of the project.
Tint a cup of clear epoxy with SCC Black base color tint.
Pour this in random areas to mimic deposits and then some thinner lines around the project to mimic fractures. Work these into the epoxy well with a paint stick.
Fog on SCC Gold metallic powder mixed with 91% IPA over the project as desired.
Repeat this with SCC Ocean Blue and Black metallic powders mixed with 91% IPA.
Pour some clear epoxy in random areas for awesome effects.
Mix SCC Purple mountain metallic powder into a small cup of clear epoxy, and outline the "black deposit" areas. Drizzle as desired.
Mist with more Ocean Blue and Gold metallic powder IPA mixture.
Spray Gold spray paint in some areas and drizzle purple metallic tinted epoxy through these areas to mimic deposits.
Repeat this with Cobalt Blue spray paint and drizzle/drag the purple metallic tinted epoxy through these areas as well.
Mist with SCC Black metallic powder mixed with 91% IPA..
Make these "deposit effects" as big or small as you like!
Layer your effects for a truly awesome experience.
Spray Sage green spray paint onto the end of a paint stick and drag this through the black areas of your project as desired.
Pour clear epoxy onto the project as veins.
Spray Ocean Mist and White spray paint onto the end of a paint stick and drag through the clear veins you just poured.
Drizzle some of the purple metallic tinted epoxy through these veins and repeat with the black tinted epoxy if desired.
Torch to move color and veins for realistic effects.
Fog Cobalt Blue spray paint over the project to meld and blend everything together.
OPTIONAL STEP: Allow some epoxy to set up in a cup for an hour or so and tint it with some of the SCC Black base color tint.
Drizzle and drag/pull this over the project to create additional fractures with the thicker epoxy.
Use a heat gun or torch carefully to move color and effects.
Use 3 mill thick plastic sheeting approx. 1 hour into the project to push down on your project and lift up the plastic sheeting for a cool effect!Torch to remove any air bubbles left behind.
24 hours later, Mix SCC Epoxy, Pour, Trowel, and Chop the surface.
Torch to remove air.
Mist SCC Ocean Blue metallic powder mixed with 91% IPA over the project.
Use a bondo spreader to "skip trowel" the epoxy around your project. Torch 3x

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