Pedicure: How to Clean Dirty Teenage Boy Toenails

This video is about Pedicure: How to Clean Dirty Teenage Boy Toenails. Teenage boys have the dirtiest feet ever, and no matter how often you tell them to go take a shower, cleaning all the junk out from under their toes is never going to happen.

People of all ages can get nail fungus from bacteria that is in the dirt so it is very important to clean under and around teenagers toes as well as our own.

All you need is a few simple tools and grab them when they get out of the shower. The cuticle remover will dissolve the dead skin so you can tell what is dead and what is not. Don’t cut off any skin that is not white. And I am sure I don’t need to warn you that your own child will act like this is the worst thing in the world you could possibly be making them do!

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205 Videos by The Meticulous Manicurist! :

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