Building Long Bookshelves That Don’t Sag

This video goes through the build process of a mahogany bookcase I built for my friend. He needed 320 inches of shelf space to hold his heavy heavy law books in his office. Without wanting to build 2 separate bookcases or build in a divider for support, I decided to use a different type of shelf construction (similar to an "I-beam") to build shelves almost 60" wide that don't sag!

I used a similar version in my dad's home office for shelves that spanned 5 feet & 7 feet and were only supported at the ends. For pictures & video of that project, visit:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

All music by my friend, Peter Beckhart. Click on the link below for more awesome works by Beckhart:
Songs used in video: "A Place of Peace", "Fate", & "Joy" ("10-26-16 Preview")

Video intro by Camrann Coker ([email protected])

A special thanks to:
Andy for letting me tackle this intricate project of yours,
Chuy for the fantastic stain,
Junior for fixing my poor stain job, and for putting on the stunning finish!