Borrowing the great disclaimer that Dom has in some of his videos: "[These story videos] should be watched rhetorically and solely for entertainment. Although they are based on my personal experiences, their intentions are not to cry for help or seek advice. Thank you."

A few other quick things:
1. In the video it comes across as if I was in anxiety for 3 straight months leading up this moment, that's not the case HAHA.
2. I promise I'm not as anxious or awkward as I may come across in my videos haha. Tbh, I think I caricature myself by accident sometimes ;_;

( More info on "EroldStory" and my Equipment/Setup! Read down below! )

I put in a lot of work into this video c:
Doing my best to improve...!


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What is "Erold Story?"

A place for you to be entertained!
The goal is to make you laugh, have somewhere to hangout, and feel welcome.

I'm just your average kid that's into a bunch of different stuff!
Anime, kpop, parties, reading, food, bboying, volleyball, basketball, etc. We probably have atleast one thing in common, haha.


Intro Music: Don't have one this vid! Wondering if I should keep the old one!
Outro Music: small waltz from the lilies V piano collection, by LilyPichu!!


◢ Microphone: Blue Snowball Ice!
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◢ Drawing Software: Paint Tool Sai
◢ Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro S
◢ Animation Software: It's literally just a slideshow of pictures