Origami Pinwheel Ninja Star Flicker Frisbee

How to fold a super-flying Pinwheel Ninja Star that can be thrown as a Frisbee or flicked as a flicker.
The reason it flies so well is three-fold:
1: because the four points are locked flat and there are no loose flaps
2. because main bulk of weight is carried in the four points instead of in the center.
3. The pockets are well-closed and facing away from leading edges, so they don't pick up the air (unless you fly it spinning in the opposite direction)
I recommend using printer paper because it's heavier and sturdier than kami, enabling the ninja star to pierce through the air better.
The flying letters presented in the intro are each folded using just four folds which are shown simultaneously in the first few seconds of the video using stop motion. Jeanine Mosely (and later myself) designed a whole alphabet using just four valley folds per letter. The letters don't fly nearly as well as the pinwheel ninja star, but the do fly if they are first well-flattened and then curved so that the top face is slightly convex. Again heavier paper will fly better, but it might be difficult to find two-color heavy paper. You could paint one side yourself.
My ninja hat was folded from several pieces of paper but no tape or glue -- a tight modular headband keeps the dome and lower eye piece secure.
The tie dye shirt I'm wearing was dyed by yours truly! I'll hopefully be tie-dying again soon and if so I'll try to video it for my variety channel!
The outro clip -- throwing the pinwheel star with Rob of Rob's World channel -- was filmed at the OrigamiUSA Convention 2019. The clip is from Rob's convention vlog which he published here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WQ1Vgc_2ao

Music credits:
"Club" by Andrew Huang -- YouTube Audio Library
"Hallow's Beach" by Quincas Moreira -- YouTube Audio Library
"Mirage" by Chris Haugen -- YouTube Audio Library
"Saving the World" by Aaron Kenny -- YouTube Audio Library

If you would like to fold more origami ninja weapons.... here's my Ninja Weapons Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9Gdph4I2qU&list=PLA1s-inNTVhwHj1ZCulOtpctInAcixQ_U

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