Vacuum On Our Table! What Does A Vacuum Chamber Do?👩‍🔬

Slime Sam dreams of becoming a world-famous slime scientist. But, so far, his experiments weren't very.... impressive. This time, he aims at something bigger. He mixes two types of soda, some marshmallows and sprinkles, and tops it all with some whipped cream. Is it epic? Sort of... Tough, Sam's friend Sue points out that real science experiments are done differently. And she invites Sam to try out a real vacuum chamber!

Do you know what vacuum is? The word vacuum comes from Latin, meaning 'an empty space, void'. It is space that doesn't contain any matter at all, even air.

Sam and Sue want to see how different objects will behave when placed into vacuum:

Playfoam in vacuum 2:49

Shaving foam in vacuum 3:34

Slime in vacuum 4:31

Toothpaste in vacuum 5:48

Ice-cream in vacuum 6:28

Marshmallows in vacuum 7:04

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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