Echo Blower Repair How to Replace the Carburetor Repair Kit

Need help replacing the Carburetor Repair Kit (Part P003002230) in your Echo Blower? Watch this how to video with simple, step-by-step instructions for a successful DIY repair.

Stay safe during your repair! Be sure to check for proper safety procedures before you begin. Use of this video is at your own risk, without liability to

Fix Part Number: FIX9227840
OEM Part Number: P003002230

Why you might need to replace the Carburetor Repair Kit:
1. Plugged

What tools you need for this repair:
• Torx driver(s)
• Phillip’s screwdriver
• Small screwdriver
• Carburetor cleaner

The information in this video is specific to Echo. To find a Carburetor Repair Kit specific to your model, visit

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Where you can buy this part:!2f-vacuum/echo/fix9227840/repair-kit-p003002230/?SearchTerm=P003002230&SourceCode=3

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