Cheap Coolers Under $100 Best Budget Cooler For Ice Retention

Cheap Coolers Review:
The performance set forth by the budget coolers (almost all under $100) was truly amazing. One cooler even advertised 9 days of ice retention which seemed extremely far fetched. Come to find out, several coolers were able to live up to their advertised ice retention times. Several of the coolers below also outlasted roto molded coolers of a comparable size. For the money, these are some of the best coolers you can buy.

Below are the coolers ranked in order. For full review and time: (coming soon)

Coolers Reviewed:

✩✩✩Coolers Under $100✩✩✩

1. Igloo Quantum 52qt ($55):

2. Igloo MaxCold 62qt ($75):

3. Igloo BMX 52qt ($89):

4. Lifetime 28Qt:

5. Igloo BMX 25qt ($69)

6. Igloo Island Breeze 60qt ($64):

7. Igloo Latitude 60qt ($49):

8. Coleman 60qt ($39)

9. Coleman 50qt ($40):

10 Igloo Latitude 50qt ($31):

✩✩✩Coolers $150-250✩✩✩
1. Lifetime 77Q ($179):

2. Igloo Trailmate:

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