opening penpal letters ; mellow yellow

open me !! ( ◞・౪・)

hey guys !! so today i'm bring a half opening penpal letter half opening fan mail video. i've recently accepted two new penpals so you'll be seeing some more kpop penpal videos! if any of you want to send me fan mail to open on camera, dm me on instagram!

check their instagram!
kelly: @kkumabujo
addy: @seulgibullet

camera: iphone 7+
editing: final cut pro x

music: smyang piano

videos to look forward to:
key -
jwm - journal with me
pwm - penpal with me

kpop jwm map of the soul: persona
a guide to penpals (where to find them, how to start, etc.)
april busy bee stationery box unboxing

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instagram //@bangtandumpling
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business email: [email protected]
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