2010 (2007 2014) Cadillac Escalade Rear Brake Change Bosch Quiet Cast Rotors

Anyone can do this simple maintenance on their own vehicle, and save money instead of overpaying at the "Stealer-Ship"! Removing the old pads and rotors, cleaning the brake components and re-installing with NEW Bosch Quiet Cast Rotors and PFC Carbon Metalic Brake Pads. Using New Brake Best Select hardware. I am not a mechanic, just a Car/Truck enthusiast. No special tools, no hydraulic vehicle lifts, no fancy equipment, just hand tools, ramps and jack stands. There were a lack of videos for brake Escalade procedures, so I wanted to document my method and really hope this helps other GM & Escalade owners perform these tasks themselves!

I have heard quotes from $400-$1,100 for all 4 rotors from various shops and dealers, in reality you can do this yourself for under a few hundred dollars, depending on the pads and rotors you buy. The peace of mind, with knowing you will do this right and be more meticulous and take more time and care on your own vehicle than a fast-food shop.