Foam Cannons: Worth the Money or Just a Trend?

Foam cannons are everywhere in the detailing world... and I have to ask the question, are they worth the money, or do they just feel cool and professional? Whether we call them foam cannons, snow guns, snow cannons, or foam guns, they are all BASICALLY the same. Use foam cannon soap to completely cover the car you are detailing, let the foam run off the car, and you are left with a car that has minimal surface dirt. This is all in an effort to minimize scratching and marring done to the car as you manually wash the car. While I understand the merit of a foam cannon, I don't know that IN MY OPINION, I can say that I am in love with them. In this video, I use one of my favorite foam cannons on a very dirty car, while getting some detailed shots of the before and after in order to see how well the foam cannon really works in removing surface dirt... at least in this scenario. Follow along, and you be the judge as to whether or not you would like to invest your time and money into getting a foam cannon!

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Check out some of these foam cannons, that as a professional detailer, I suggest:

Big Deal Car Care Foam Cannon (the main one I use)

Chemical Guys Foam Cannon W/Foam Soap:

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