DIY Fastener Bin (FREE PLANS)

FREE PLANS in pdf format (BOTH IMPERIAL & METRIC DIMENSIONS) – Download Info Below.

Typically, I open a new box of screws or nails, and work right out of the cardboard box the came in. The problem, is the box ultimately absorbs moisture, gets soft, and falls apart. Sometimes it just gets ripped and falls apart and/or the little plastic window blows out. The result: Screws all over the bench and floor. I’ve used those cheezy, cheap, plastic bins, but they flex way too much which results in spills, plus the plastic gets brittle and cracks over time, yielding the same negative results.

Solution: Build wooden bins to hold fasteners. I use scrap materials in the shop, so I don’t have to go out and purchase anything. The wooden fastener bin is sturdy, rugged, and will last for years. I Think it looks better, and you can build them to any size you require.

Here’s a simple fastener bin I designed to simply fit on an ordinary shelf. This design will hold a 5-pound (2 kilo) box of fasteners, with room for another half a box to spare. Watch the video to see how easy, fast, and cheap it is to make your own bins.

Here’s the link to the FREE (conventional) PLANS download page in both Imperial & Metric dimensions:

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