How to Start a Smart Home in 2019

We go through the easiest ways to start or expand your smart home in 2019, covering the do-it-youself route or going through a home automation company. Also in this video we cover several catagories of smart devices including: smart speakers, smart displays, media control devices, smart lights, smart climate control, smart home security and smart home appliances and accessories.

Here are some of the smart home products we cover in the video:

Smart Speakers -
Amazon Echo:
Amazon Echo review:
Amazon Echo Show:
Google Home review :
Google Home:
Google Home Max review:
Google Home Max:
Google Home Mini review:
Google Home Mini:
Google Nest Hub review:
Google Nest Hub:

Media devices -
Amazon Fire TV Stick:
Amazon Fire TV Cube:
Google Chromecast:
Apple TV review:
Apple TV:

Smart Lights -
Phillips Hue starter pack :
Phillips Hue lighting system review:
GE stater pack:
Ikea bulbs starter pack:

Climate Control devices -
Nest 3rd Gen Smart Thermostat:
Ecobee Thermostat Review:
Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat:
Honeywell Lyric Smart Thermostat:

Smart Home Security Systems -
Ring Doorbell:
Nest Hello Doorbell:
Google Nest Secure:
Simply Safe:

Smart Home Appliances/Accessories -
TP Link smart switch:
Nexx smart garage door opener review:
Nexx smart garage door opener:
iRobot Roomba vaccum cleaner:
Smart blinds:

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