Here are some magical life hacks for the house and the look, for those, who don’t have much time, are constantly busy, or just lazy :)

How to iron a T-shirt without an iron? Put it on yourself, sprinkle with water and dry with a hairdryer. Perfect! You can iron the collar of a T-shirt quickly with the help of your girlfriend's hair straightener. There is another way to quickly iron t-shirts. Put the T-shirt under the sofa cushion and just lay on top. How not to get dirty sneakers, walking on a wet lawn? Put plastic bags on them.

I will show you how to tie a tie in 5 minutes, how to choose suitable jeans without fitting, how to make the shirt collar stand, how to tuck the shirt into the pants nicely, how to fold a pocket handkerchief, how to roll the shirt sleeves up neatly, how to fix the edge of the belt, how to replace a tie clip.

I still have a lot of lazy tricks that will save you a lot of time. How to chop the greens quickly? How to heat a lot of dishes in the microwave at once? How to make pancakes for breakfast quickly? How to cool drinks fast? How to wash the grater easy? How to cook instant noodles in a kettle? How not to wash the dishes? How to determine the portion of spaghetti? How to peel avocados quickly?


00:56 How to hide your apartment keys
02:46 Great plastic bag hacks
05:41 The laziest way to cook noodles
08:08 How to tie a tie

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