Dense Pack Cellulose with a leaf vac

For under $200, I was able to dense pack my walls with a leaf vac. The hose I used didn't work well, but I got a Tigerflex FT and this works very well. With a 15.9 cu ft area I was only able to get 45 lbs of cellulose in the 7 cavities. This works out to around 2.8 lbs/cu ft, so I hand packed it in the walls tighter until I got the new hose. I will update after trying the new hose setup and testing the psi of the leaf vac. A Great Big Thanks to DavidPoz!

After testing the blower psi, it unfortunately, could only provide 1 psi. I need at least of 2.9 psi or 80 inches of water to dense pack the walls (According to the Dept of Energy). Y-ing in a more powerful blower motor might work, but my exterior sheathing is Celotex fiber board. I need a blower motor that can produce 2.9 psi.

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