8 Steps to Lose Love Handles FAST

If you're a Man that has some Lower Back Fat & you're looking for exactly what to do to get rid of those Love Handles, you'll find everything you're looking for in this video. I'll give you 8 steps to lose that muffin-top-looking lower back fat for good. Most people try to get rid of them with exercises and workouts made to try to target them. However, there is no way this will help you reduce side fat, lose belly fat, and get rid of those stubborn love handles. The same way that you experience overall weight loss, you'll experience overall fat loss. You can't target fat burn. Watch the video to learn what you can do.

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#1 Reduce Refined Carbs & Sugar: 0:52
#2 Add Whole Sources of Protein: 2:22
#3 Increase Healthy, Decrease Unhealthy Fat: 3:03
#4 Incorporate Unrefined Sources of High Fiber Carbs: 4:02
#5 Limit Alcohol Consumption: 5:09
#6 Full Body Weight Training 5:56
#7 PHA 7:07
#8 High Intensity Interval Training 8:44

Not everyone will store fat in the same places, but if you're a man I'm going to guess that your main stubborn problem areas are around your lower belly, your chest, and your love handles. And I know this because even though I've dieted to very low levels of body fat, whenever I've fallen off the wagon, the love handles were the first spot that I would see body fat starting to accumulate. And this is definitely not just a problem for me, many men find that their love handles are not only one of the first spots to gain fat, but they're also one of the toughest areas to reduce fat from, especially since there is no way to spot reduce that area with certain exercises. A lot of people will tell you that you can just crunch or hyper extend that lower back fat away, but there's definitely no chance that that's going to work on its own. Today i want to go over 8 things you can do within the realm of diet, weight training, and cardio that will work. First I want to start with diet, and your first step with diet should be to reduce refined carbohydrates and sugar. But we don't want to just impose a ton of restrictions. Since the lower belly and love handles tend to be the last spots to go we want to be on a diet that we can actually stick to. Because before your body starts burning those love handles it's going to burn the fat from your face, your hands, your arms, and your legs first. So you don't only want to do what most people do and simply focus on reducing your calories, cutting carbs really low, restricting yourself, and battling cravings all day and night long because that's a losing battle. Instead you want to optimize hormones like insulin, glucagon, testosterone, ghrelin, leptin, and growth hormone because all of them play an extremely important role in the fat loss process especially when we get down to the stubborn problem areas, that don't seem to want to budge. Controlling Insulin with your diet should be your first priority because insulin is like an on and off switch that controls whether you will be burning fat or storing fat. According to research having high insulin levels can also cause your body to preferentially store fat around your belly and love handles. Every time you eat...


Preferential partitioning of fat is regulated by insulin sensitivity:

High refined carbohydrate diet increases risk of insulin resistance:

High Protein diet helps control appetite, speeds up metabolism, and helps increase fat loss

Dietary Fats Increase Fullness and Slow Down Gastric Emptying:

High fiber carbohydrates decrease ghrelin and increase fullness

High fiber diet lowers insulin levels

Alcohol Consumption linked to abdominal obesity

Alcohol Increases Overeating in Mice:

Resistance training will improve muscle insulin action and Ξ²-cell function, increase strength and Lean body mass, and decreases total and trunk fat mass

Study Comparing High Volume vs High Intensity Training Finds The Latter to Produce more muscle gains -