Day In The Bay* How to REMOVE SWIRLS and revive FADED RED single stage paint

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We're back with another Day in the Bay!

Today's Day in the Bay was to show you the easiest steps to take when reviving a faded colour, removing swirl marks, giving it a fantastic gloss and protecting that gloss for weeks to come.

Red paint is renowned for fading. The UV rays hit the paint causing a faded/pink coloured illusion looking like it's destined for the paint shop. This is more common with cars that have just single stage paint. Something like this Ferrari Testarossa is simply straight red with no lacquer.
Using our hero product, the Ultimate Compound coupled with our MT320 Dual Action Polisher, we revive the swirly and faded paint to glossy red.

To boost the red's natural gloss and protect it from future UV damage we use our Gold Class Carnauba Plus Paste Wax. The Gold Class really helps enrich single stage paint due to the polishing oils contained within as well as the Carnauba properties giving a fantastic length of protection.

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