In this episode were gonna talk about the best controller, speakers and headphones to get you started in your DJ journey.

NEWEST Best Budget DJ Controller -

Best Budget DJ Controller (Serato DJ) -

Best Budget DJ Speakers -

Budget DJ Speakers with blue tooth -

Best Budget DJ Headphones -

I've personally tested and used these items in my gigs and I can say without a doubt that these guys cover everything you may want and need from an awesome DJ set up.

When you start dj'ing you gotta start basic, but even at more advance levels of dj'ing you're still utilizing 90% of what a basic dj set up can do.

And in my opinion it's not what you use, it's how you use it that matters most.

So these items may be for beginner djs but don't let that fool you, because these guys can last you life time and bring your career from nothing to something if you use them right.


All my other GEAR:

Backpack I use for DJ’ing:

Add on controller for DJ’ing on the go (Serato):

Cheaper add on controller for DJ’ing on the go (Rekordbox):

Best Budget Turntables EVER:

Best Budget DJ Mixer EVER:

Best Turntables EVER:

Best DJ Mixer EVER:

Best cheap 4 deck DJ controller:


CAMERA I use for shooting everything:

Lens I use for vlogging and overhead/flatlay shots:

Lens I use for delicious close ups and bokeh shots:

Microphone I use for crispy audio:

Tripod/Selfie stick I use everywhere:




My favorite controller is the DDJ-RB.

I use this thing in most of my videos, and it does the job.

From scratching to mixing, this controller does everything I need it to do.

It comes with the Rekordbox DJ software so that means that all you have to do is install the software and plug your controller and you’re good to go.

I don’t really mind it’s construction, and I really value how light and budget friendly it is.

What makes this controller my favorite controller compared to other expensive ones that I have are 2 things:

1. It’s small and light

So I can just throw this controller in my car or backpack, and I’m good to go.


2 is that it’s usb powered.

I don’t have to bring a power adapter to make this thing work.

The layout is universal so if ever you do upgrade, it’ll feel like the right step up.

I also enjoy the size of the cogwheel and the placement of all the knobs and buttons.

The difference between this cheap controller to this controller (DDJ-RX) is very minimal.

They both do the same thing and at the end of the day, it’s not what you use but how you use it.

The DDJ-RB is a plug and play controller, perfect for the beginner and even veteran who just needs something that just works well and performs professionally.


So you got the DDJ-RB, what’s next? The Speakers you’re gonna use to practice it with!

For that we have the DM-40.

What’s nice about these speakers is that you don’t have to buy these units individually, they come in a pair.

They’re minimal, small and light weight. Perfect for small house parties and bed room DJ’ing.

They sound clear and bassy, and can get pretty loud if you want them too.

They accept RCAs, and a 3.5mm jack. And these speakers come with an RCA to 3.5mm cable.

Since they’re the latest in technology there is a variant of this that utilizes blue tooth.

So you can plug your controller into these speakers and even connect your phone to them as well.

The DM-40 is a simple, versatile and budget friendly pair of speakers that do the job, and sound great at it.


Next up is another essential item, when DJ’ing. Your headphones.

The pair I recommend are the HDJ-X5.

Like they’re speaker counterpart, these headphones sound equally as great if not better and more clearer due to the isolation of sound you get when you put these things on. And my goodness do these things sound great.

You can clearly hear almost the drums, synths, and hi hats of a song. And hearing those those frequencies really help you gauge and adjust your EQ when mixing.

But my favorite feature of the x5 is the bang for buck you get when you compare this model to it’s older brother the HDJ-X10.

The HDJ-X5 are the perfect pair of headphones for DJ’ing for beginners. The sound quality is amazing and the value you get from these headphones is even better.


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