How to clean your icey soles (NO SEAGLOW!!!)

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1. Will this work for (what ever dirty shoe you have)?

Yes this will Work for any shoe that you have regardless of whether its icy or not.

2. Does it have to be liquid detergent?

NO! any detergent will work!

3. How much detergent should I use?

I don't have an exact measurement but I just put enough to cover the bottom of the cup.

This is a video on how I keep my clear soles as icey as possible using basic household supplies. If you have any methods that you use to keep your soles clean let me know and I'll give them a try, don't forget to rate comment and subscribe.

what you need:

2 cups
laundry detergent
toothpaste (preferably with whitening action)
a toothbrush

the song at the beginning is Fitted Cap by wale, rick ross, j cole, and meek mill.
I do not own the rights to this song and all copyrights to it are theirs