DIY stainless steel coffee table with ceramic top and wooden CNC incerts

In this video, I show you how I build this stainless steel coffee table with ceramic top and wooden CNC inserts and these inserts glow in the night. The Steel used in this build is SS 202.although the table looks simple but it took too much time in its completion because there is a different type of works in this single project.

                       The magical part of this build is the footrest area where I installed CNC insert.These are made up of glow in dark powder mixed with resin and then filled all the design with different colored resin.After absorbing light in daytime these inserts glows in the night.That thing made this project visible even in darkness so you will always aware that where the table actually is in dark.

Making the ceramic tabletop is one of the difficult jobs we have done in this project.In hardness scale ceramic is very hard.That's why making molding and bring it to completely finish state is very time-consuming part of this project and we have proud that we have done it very neatly.Total time of workmanship in making table top is 18 hours.we sand that small portion for almost 3 days.

        But after seeing the end result we are very happy and felt proud that we built a fantastic looking coffee table with some unique feature.

Following are the Tools I used in this build:-
1. Angle grinder 4 inch

2. Bosch grinding wheel

3. Cutting wheel

4. Bosch Chop saw

5. Weld cleaning gel (Pickling gel)

6. Buffing wheel

7. Steel Polishing Compound

8. S.S welding Rod

9. Welding Helmet

10. High-speed drill bit set

11. Heavy Duty C clamp

12. Arc welding Machine

13. Hand drill machine

14. Chipping Hammer

15. Weld brush

16. Quick locking Welding clamp

17. Heavy duty welding Magnets
18. Cordless drill

19. Respirator Mask

20. Ultra clear Resin

21. Diamond Cutting wheel

22. Diamond Polishing Wheel

23. Heavy duty marble cutting saw

If you want to see detailed build than check my Instructables blog post.

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