Make an Industrial Drawer Cabinet Forme Industrious

Industrial Styled workshop Drawers/ Lathe Cabinet. Made from 75 x 75 mm Steel for the 4 legs, 50 x 50 for the rest of the box structure. I have a heap of 19mm reclaimed plywood so I used that for the top, sides and drawer cases. The Drawer front is reclaimed Pine shelving. I made the drawer bases from old metal signage as I have so many sheets I have to use it some how, rather than buy more ply. (Ply, would be my first preference however). As the Ply was all painted with an industrial finish (Grey) I paint stripped and sanded the paint off, then stained in Walnut. Clear Wipe on Poly and Bee's Wax is used to finish. I made the Drawer runners also to cut down on costs though I would much prefer to use the sliding drawers runners. If this was being built for a customer I would use the roller bearing sliders for the drawers. The Drawer Handles are made from ReBar and Angle. No welding. I machined a slight shoulder on the Rebar ends so once installed that cannot slide out. I love it..........I love it. Oh, it is heavy as all hell too.

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