Wood Stove Install in 1 Video Connect Stove Pipe to Chimney Flue Howto DIY Complete Install

In one video: Howto install wood stove pipe into existing fireplace chimney flue in one go / one video including test burn to cure the furnace cement.

If you've ever used a fireplace and wood stove, you know that most stoves today are way more efficient than fireplaces. For that reason, we have chosen to move our Quadrafire 2100 Wood Stove from where we had it previously installed (downstairs) to this new location upstairs in front of our fireplace. Today we will shoot one video showing how we connected our Quadrafire 2100 wood stove to the existing fireplace chimney that already had a ceramic flue set up to receive a stove pipe.

If you have questions not answered by the video, feel free to comment. We also have a 5 video series on how to install this same stove to a block chimney with a ceramic flue liner. That series is more detailed; you may want to watch it too @


Remember to follow local codes. We are not experts. If you have concerns, contact a professional to set up your stove.

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