Countertop Epoxy Flooring How To

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In this how to video, we will go over the simple techniques of how to create a gorgeous epoxy floor using FX Poxy Flooring Epoxy and FX Colors from Countertop Epoxy. We cover prep, skim coating, flood coating, and accents. Colors used were Metallic Almond Base Coat and Light Brown and Brown FX Metallic Powder for accent.

Countertop Epoxy provides metallic countertop and flooring epoxy kits to coat over existing surfaces or new ones. Our products are all food safe, heat resistant, UV resistant, and scratch resistant making this epoxy the best epoxy for countertops and flooring. This coating is also zero VOC so there will be no odor or toxic fumes when applying the product. Our DIY epoxy countertop and flooring kits provide simple steps and video guides to create a custom, durable countertop or floor that will last you a lifetime. At Countertop Epoxy, our goal is to provide our customers with the best support and guidance so their experience from start to finish with our products is always easy and enjoyable.

0:11 Floor preparation
0:50 Pouring the skim coat
1:47 Flood coat preparation
2:07 Mixing instructions
2:33 Pouring the flood coat
4:22 Spraying metallic accent powders

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