How To Repair A Cracked Crankcase Cover On Your Dirt Bike | FYDB

I Put A Hole My Crankcase Cover Because I Crash A Lot!

I've cracked a few crankcase covers over the years, but this is the first time I've managed to crack one from inside of the cover.

Of course, I didn't notice the crack until after I got back to my truck, meaning I put another half hour on my internals with no oil… yay… because now I get to replace 5-hour old bearings.

I pulled the cover and found that the shift shaft was the cause of my new case breather.

I must have laid my bike down in just the wrong angle to punch the shaft hard enough against the case to break.

So if you find yourself with a fresh crack in your crankcase cover, here's how to fix it!

The Parts And Tools You Will Need:
- Dremel or Sand Paper
- JB Weld or another cold patch
- Scouring Pad
- Denatured Alcohol

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Here's The Details On My JB Weld Problem →

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