How to remove a duramax turbo(or install)

***Warning: This job is not for beginners. The turbo gets very hot and causes corrosion to happen early even in arid climates. The fasteners and bolts on the turbo and the manifolds can be extremely difficult to remove. Use a torch to heat up and ice cool down fasteners that won't budge. Get a feel for the system and components that will need to be removed before starting the job***

My truck has a 6 inch lift which gave me very nice access under the front wheel wells. You may not have the same access.
Pulled my turbo because I was getting a stuck turbo engine light p003a. Took it apart and cleaned it properly after half attempting to clean it with grill cleaner. I made a video on how to clean it but i filmed it up and down but if enough people want me to upload it I will. This truck is a 2006 LBZ.

I would not recommend following any video on cleaning the turbo where you smash the actuator with a hammer. Just take the time and do it right.