Dining Table Made From Pallets!

In this video I build a dining table from reclaimed pallet lumber. Butcher block style with many layers of glaze-coat epoxy finish. I spent hundreds of hours on the weekends, off and on between projects for over 3 years on this table! Unfortunately I had an Sd-card die and I lost all the repetitive footage of me destroying piles and piles of pallets, but you can watch my other videos if you really need to see the process. Sorry for the grainy footage in the beginning, its from an earlier camera I no longer use.

This video contains the last footage of my grandfathers workshop. I had been spending every weekend i could with him, his health had been declining so it was very important to me to spend as much time with him as i could, and this project was started in the little bits of time i could squeeze in between ball games and PBR's. He was a great guy, a closest friend and a mentor with a thousand lessons and a million stories,. He will never be forgotten. Na Zdravi! to my friend Lew

A big thanks to FUJII for allowing me to use his music for the background tracks.
All Music contained in this video are of his making and copyright! Visit his SoundCloud and BandCamp here! Show him some support!

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