How To Clean & Lubricate Your AR 15 Series Rifle (HD)

This is a very basic video for the brand new AR owner who doesn't know anything about the platform (we were all there once guys...). I show in detail how to break down the rifle, how to clean it, and how to lubricate it to ensure proper functioning.

Before someone says the old "I do it X way and it's way better!" --- I know there are other ways that work as well. The key is keeping the gun lubricated and relatively free of carbon to ensure proper performance.

I pretty much endorse all CLPs (with the exception of RemOil--it evaporates/runs off way too fast) for use buy use Mil-Spec CLP myself personally. Synthetic motor oils from 0w-10w seem to work well for lubrication as well. As far as greases go, I recommend a lithium based grease with a broad operating temperature range. I've used expensive 'gun' greases and found 0 difference in performance with the grease used above or the Mobil 1 brand with similar specs to the grease in the video---both work great. Almost all of the handguns you see in my reviews have this on their rails.

CLP link:
CAT M4 tool:

If you're trying to get a more detailed cleaning, using a bore solvent to clean the bore, barrel, flash hider/barrel crown are a good idea but it doesn't need to be done every time and if done too often can even damage the rifle.