How to clean your ebike in about 15 minutes using cheap items

Here are the items used. This kit will last a long time and is the most cost effective way of keeping your bike clean, lubed and in good condition.

Please try to support your local bike shop by buying the products there, most of them will be available, if you need to shop online here are the products.

All in, the cleaning products will cost about £60ish (if you get the big 5 Litre cleaner), but will probably give you years of bike cleaning (the 5 litre makes 55 litres, thats good for a couple of years!!). You really don't need anything more for cleaning!

Fenwicks Bike Cleaner: - Available from 1L upwards, remember it dilutes down 10-1! If you are in the USA Simple Green is a good alternative
Park Tool Chain Cleaner: Just brilliant
Car Shampoo: Anything cheap without wax will do!
GT85: Every bike shop will stock this (I prefer to WD40 for bikes)
Brushes: Go to a hardware store and buy soft washing up/scrubbing brushes for less than £1
Cheap Bike Stand: (not the best but it'll do on a budget!)
Lube: Just use your favourite bike lube, I've been using this:
Silicone Lubricant: