How to clean dirty shower with toxic and fume free EkoWorx KOH Does it work or is it a SCAM ?

I put Koh / eKoworx cleaning product to the test on a dirty shower. Check how the real test went.

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Is the EkoWorx a scam or does it work? now KOH cleaning products

I put it to the test cleaning my oven which has not been done for the past 5 years. I use the oven at least once a month and have been putting off cleaning it due to the fume from other cleaning product and laziness.

✅Fume/toxic free
✅Cruelty free
✅ Dramatically reduce cleaning time = $$$ savings
✅ Eliminate the use of toxic cleaning chemicals - good for you, and the planet!

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More video showing real demonstration of the EkoWorx products to follow.

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✅ Dramatically reduce cleaning time = $$$ savings
✅ Super effectively clean your floor areas
✅ Eliminate the use of toxic cleaning chemicals - good for you, and the planet!

Ideal mopping for most floors including:

✅ Tiles
✅ Wood including laminates and bamboo
✅ Concrete
✅ Stone, slate
✅ Vinyl, lino etc.

Is is as good as other mops such as the Vileda hot spray mop, Rubbermaid spray mop, Bona Spray Mop, Videla ProMist Spray Mop, Green Direct Spray Mop, Rovus Spray Mop?

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