Moissanite Vs Diamond: Different Shapes, Size And Quality

People have been lining up to get their hands on one of our custom engagement ring designs featuring a moissanite center . They make a great diamond alternative because they are white gems, have lots of sparkle, come in a variety of sizes/shapes and affordably priced. Watch this video comparing moissanite to diamond as well as different #moissanite qualities and read an excerpt from our blog (full article available by clicking link in bio)
Price Moissanites cost a fraction of what an actual diamond will cost e.g a 1 carat moissanite can cost $650 depending on quality whereas a 1 carat GIA diamond starts around $5000.
Durability Moissanites have a score of 9.25 and are almost as hard as a diamond which comes in at 10 on the mohs scale.
Sparkle & Fire From the video you can notice that the moissanite gives off more fire and spectral colors than a diamond.
Round: Round moissanites look most similar to a real diamond since the shape is standardized
Oval: Oval moissanites will look slightly different from their diamond counterparts: the length of a 2 carat moissanite is 9mm compared to an average of 9.7mm for a diamond.
Cushion: We love that the cushion moissanite appears like a true cushion brilliant cut diamond. Keep in mind as of now they only comes in square cushion shapes
Color Forever One Colorless- the moissanites in this range appear like diamonds in the D-E-F color range. Following that is Forever One Near Colorless which equates to diamonds in G-H-I color range.

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