58 Epoxy Resin Art & Tin Foil Amazing contrast A world of Pure Imagination & Delicious Colours

Step into a World of Pure Imagination with me. The colours are deliciously yummy. You cannot help but smile at these positive happy, vibrant colours. And all while we experiment with tin foil. Will it work? We must have arrive at the Willy Wonka factory where anything is possible.

I quite like that intro lol.

I will be exploring Tin Foil in Resin again, I haven't given up and I believe in the right way can add value. Lots of learns with this piece and my brain is racking up all the ideas already.

It was a pleasure to work back with MasterCast Resin and The colour cottage pigments. I also lost myself in the Acrylic under painting that has added so much depth. Don't forget the glitter, mirror foils, they helps add the fun and texture also.

Such a fun project and I am still loving my Groovy stage.

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Music by Aakash Ganghi

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