Rainwater Harvesting Watering Lawn with Rain Barrels

Just a little video of my recent rain barrel project. I thought it would be nice to save a little money on my bill this year. I was inspired by a video on youtube by VergePermaculture Mark Phillips, Trenton Kaminski. As well, a BIG thanks to Matt & Mike at my favorite local hardware store Waldo Hardware. I couldn't have done it without you you guys.

I put together 4 IBC Water Totes to total 1100 gallons. Here are the details. Updates to come.. installing the rusco spin down filter, watering garden with rain barrels and rainwater toilet tank.

IBC 275 Gallon Water Tote $80 x 4 = $320
Wayne 1hp Lawn Pump = $180
PVC & Brass = Approximately $100
1 inch 60 mesh Rusco Spin Down Filter = $50
Total Investment = $650

My local average rainfall is 39.06 inches a year. About 30 of those inches are available for capture between March 1st and Nov 1st. (8 months or 32 weeks)

My roof collection area is 30' x 35'. Each inch provides about 656 gallons of water.

Over 32 weeks that's 20,992 gallons of water!

The pump pushes 740 gallons per hour or 12.3 gallons a minute.

Notice I was running two sprinklers to accommodate the 12.3 gallons per minute. (Each estimated to run about 4.5 to 5.5
gallons per minute)

In about 1 hour I watered my lawn heavily with about 700 gallons of water.

After running my water bill thru an excel sheet, I found that I am currently paying around .0193 cents per gallon.

So, I can estimate that each watering, using approximately 700 gallons, will save me about $13.51.

If I continue to water once a week for the 32 weeks this year,
I should save approximately $432.32

With 32.56 inches falling in the 32 non-freezing weeks. I should always have plenty of water.

In conclusion, with my $650 dollar investment and a possible $432 savings each year, I hope not only to break even next year,
but to save $218!

oh.. and $432 every year after that... =]

Thanks for watching. Here is a link to the Rainwater Toilet Tank