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We are showing you how to SUPER clean your leather! The 15-year-old Toyota leather has never been cleaned. The owner has 2 dogs which leave pet hair oil and stains on the leather. Today, we show you how to restore filthy tan leather using Masterson's Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. The professional formula restores all leather back to original condition. We first use the Leather Cleaner to remove all the heavy stains and body oils from the leather. Next, we use the Leather Conditioner to restore the soft feel back to the leather and protect against cracking and stains. Check out the video! LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE!

Masterson's Leather Cleaner

Masterson's Leather Conditioner

Original Yellow Microfiber Towel

Premium Microfiber Applicator

Masterson’s Leather Conditioner is designed to nourish and restore all leather goods. The innovative Leather Conditioner features natural exotic oils to deliver a soft feel to fine natural leather, sealed leather, and synthetic vinyl leather. Masterson’s Leather Conditioner protects against cracking, fading, and discoloration. Innovative UV blockers deliver durable protection for your vehicle’s leather. Works on leather seats, door panels, dashboards, steering wheels, shift knobs, and much more. Masterson’s Leather Conditioner preserves the original color and feel of leather. Natural Aloe extracts nourish and condition leather goods for improved softness.

Masterson’s Leather Cleaner is designed to safely remove dirt, stains, and grime from all leather surfaces. Our advanced cleaning formula restores the original color and appearance to all leather goods. Masterson’s Leather Cleaner works on all leather types for maximum versatility. The sprayable leather cleaner easily restores leather seats, dashboards, steering wheels, door panels, shift knobs, and much more. Masterson’s Leather Cleaner features Transparent Cleansing Technology for gentle cleaning with no stains or streaks. The pH-balanced formula is safe for all leather cleaning jobs. The genuine leather cleaner removes body oils, grease, and stains for a perfect finish.

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