How to make the best Organic, Natural, Chemical Free Lotion for Body, Hands & Feet

Information in this video should not be regarded as a medical claim, treatment or cure for any disease & the techniques described must not be used as a substitute for any treatment they recommend. In using this information, you are responsible for your own actions.

Best ever all natural, organic & cost effective body lotion that you can make it easily at home free from chemicals and great for the skin.

Beeswax half a cup - Please note beeswax has the main role in consistency of your body lotion so if you like your body lotion to be thicker use more beeswax and if you like more watery base body lotion then use less beeswax.
Olive Oil 2/5 cup
Optional Coconut oil half a cup
Vitamin E oil half a tablespoon
Your favourite essential oil half a tablespoon - in this body lotion if use half a table spoon of orange essence oil which is my favourite.

Fill half a cooking pot with boiling water and place it over medium heat.
In a jar, add olive oil, coconut oil and the beeswax.
Place the jar inside the water in cooking pot and let it beeswax slowing to melt down inside the jar.
Once the beeswax is all melted and there is not sign of it, remove the jar from the cooking pot and place in in the room temperature.
Add half a tablespoon Vitamin E oil and half a tablespoon your favourite essential oil and give it a mix.
Transfer the liquid to your favourite jar or container and let it cool down until you get a solid material which is your new full of goodness body lotion. You can use this lotion for your hands, body and feet.
Please note if you are not happy with the consistency of your lotion at the end after it is cooled down, you can always put the jar back to the cooking pot and boiling water and add more beeswax or more oil according to the consistency you would like to get.
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