Awesome cleaning tips and tricks

Cleaning can be a daunting process, some people love cleaning their house on a daily basis, it gives them a sense of responsibility and order while others hate the whole process. One thing is sure however when it comes to cleaning, and that is that everyone loves a shiny clean house. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some amazing cleaning hacks that will change the whole cleaning game for you.

- You can clean your dirty cookware such as frying pans using coke. If you have a burned food stuck on your frying pan and you are trying to figure out how to remove it, we demonstrate the perfect way. You simply, pour some coke on your frying pan, bring it to boil and then leave it overnight. By the next morning, all the burned food will be lifted and it will take you just a few minutes to remove it. No more scrubbing food off your pans.

- We also have an amazing hack on how to keep your hands smooth while scrubbing your dishes without having to wear any gloves. This hack is very simple you show you an awesome way to place your plate scraper inside the neck of a plastic bottle and voila. Watch our video to see the step-by-step tutorial.

- If you are sweeping the floor and you find it difficult to collect all the dust, we have the perfect tip for you. Simply place a stripe of the double face at the front of your sweeping brush and voila. All the dust will be stuck on the double face and then the only thing you'll have to do is remove it. Easy peasy.

- If you are going camping and you would like to wash your clothes but you can't figure out how. We demonstrate a step-by-step way to do your own laundry outdoors. You will need a plastic container, two office bins, and a few plastic pipes. This one is perfect because you will be able to rotate your clothes and ensure they are as clean as new.

- If you notice that your kitchen drain got clogged, then try out this hack we have for you. Simply mix some baking soda in a bowl and then add one tablespoon of salt. Then, pour the mixture in the drain and add one cup of vinegar on top. Then pour and some boiling hot water and voila. This will destroy all the debris that the pipes collected and your drain will be as good as new.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing cleaning that will make you enjoy cleaning and keep your house clean longer.
0:07 - Remove burned food from your frying pans
2:18 - Sweeping hack
2:38 - DIY laundry
3:40 - Sweeping sleepers
4:52 - How to clean your beauty blender
5:59 - Unclog your drain
7:21 - Remove rush from metal
8:25 - How to remove limescale
9:34 - How to clean your silverware

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