The Wolf Inside Audition (Scout)

Casting Call:

Aren't early morning auditions just fun and cringy? Heck, I could have done better. Especially with an audition for my mate's series. He wouldn't go easy on me, in fact he'd be a lot harder on me... NOT OUT OF CONTEXT, Y'HECKS. KEEP IT CLEAN.

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Q: What is a casting call?
A: A casting call is a call for actors/actresses. How it works on YouTube is someone is running a series (likely animated) and they need voice actors. You act with your voice and send in an audition through a video (not using a camera though). However, you're not guaranteed to get a part. It's more of a "whatever voice fits best" situation.

Q: What is an audition?
A: An audition slightly answered in the answer above, an audition is when you act as a character to get a role in a project.

Q: What is voice acting?
A: These questions seem to have very similar answers. Voice
acting is acting with your voice to play a cartoon character.


Characters: ©BishopStarz

Editing: ©TheSprintingCoywolf

Voiceover: ©TheSprintingCoywolf

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the art in this video. I am merely using the art of the casting call host to portray the characters in which I am auditioning for as I demonstrate their voices.